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The speed camera locations website is designed to make you realise what resources are available to help make sure that you don't get caught out.

Remember, it's 100% legal to be aware of speed cameras and where they are located so that you can be prepared when travelling in your car. There is no point in getting caught out when in fact you are a genuine law abiding road user, looking to obey the speed limits applied to UK road.

The first speed camera installation was introduced into the UK during the year of 1992, giving the entire United Kingdom police force a new tool to use against speeding offenders. With over 6000 speed cameras now in place, 2500 of these being mobile speed cameras, it is very difficult to know the location of all the speed cameras across the UK.

The road casualty rate declined at a slower rate since speed cameras were introduced in the early 1990's compared to the rate prior to the introduction of speed cameras in 1992. Some experts estimate that up to 1.5 million more casualties occurred between 1991 and 2007 than would have take place if the 1978 trend had continued.

Speed Camera Facts 2011

The Speed Camera Facts infographic is a great collection of information with which you can impress your family and friends.

A word of warning - The information in this infographic is bound to stir up emotion as some of the facts are quite unbelievable

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Knowing your enemy

Different Kinds of speed camera devices

There are currently 9 different types of speed camera being used on the UK roads to enforce the highway laws, with just over 4000 of them being static installations that we can be aware of their locations. Knowing these speed camera locations from the top of your head is an almost impossible task, but doing a little research before travelling to an area you don't know could help you avoid getting caught out.

Mobile speed cameras make it difficult to set a pre-determined speed camera location that you can refer to, as they are constantly moving location to try and catch out unknowing road users. Be sure to look out for "Speed Camera enforcement signs" which are normally positioned a few metres ahead of the mobile speed camera location.

The following list is a breakdown of the types of speed camera currently in use across the United Kingdom:

GatsoGasto - The most common speed camera found on UK roads uses radar technology to capture speed measurements along with a photograph of the back of the vehicle showing the registration plate.

Speed camera locations - Side of the road
SpeedcurbSPEEDCurb - These cameras calculate the speed of the user in realtime, utilising piezo sensors embedded into the road surface.

Speed camera locations - Side of the road
Truvelo speed cameraTruvelo - A forward facing camera that utilises similar technology to the Gatso - By laying virtual loops in the road ahead of the camera, a trigger is used to take a photograph when the speed limit is exceeded.

Speed camera locations - Side of the road
Watchman speed cameraWatchman - Utilising the same technology as the Gatso, the Watchman is a rear facing camera that uses radar technology to capture speeding offenders. Unlike a Gatso however, the watchman detects your speed as you approach the speed trap lines, making it difficult to "slow down temporarily" to avoid getting caught.

Speed camera location - Side of the road
Peek speed cameraPeek - Working very similar to the Truvelo, this camera utilises virtual loops in the road to catch cars breaking the speed limit. A photograph is used to capture the offending driver.

Speed camera locations - Side of the road
Traffic LightTraffic light - Designed specifically to stop motorists running read lights, the red light camera utilises sensors that become active when the lights turn red. If a car triggers these sensors when they are active, a photograph of the back of the vehicle is taken.

Traffic Speed Camera locations - Junctions and side of the road
SPECS speed cameraSPECS - These cameras take measurements of your speed between two points to calculate your average speed in real time, often utilised on high speed roads such as motorways and busy A roads.

Speed camera locations - Mounted high on steel framing or posts at the roadside
DS2 Speed CameraDS2 Speed Cameras - Information of passing cars is recorded through 3 piezo strips embedded into the road surface at least 1 metre apart. The speed that it takes to travel between these two locations is then forwarded to a nearby patrol car that can stop the motorist.

Speed camera locations - Mobile & static at the roadside
Mobile Speed CameraMobile Speed Cameras - Police are able to utilise a variety of handheld laser and radar equipment to calculate the speed of oncoming vehicles. Once the speed is pre-determined, they are able to apprehend any law breaking motorists almost straight away with on the spot ticketing.

Speed camera locations - Mobile with irregular usage patterns at the roadside
Speed Camera Map

Speed Camera Location Maps

There are a variety of free to use maps that plot all of the known speed camera locations in the UK in real time, with some websites even allowing you to print off the plotted map once you have decided the area you wish to view. Tools such as these allow you as the road user to pre-empt potential speed camera traps before getting caught out. The following is a shortlist of sites that provide free maps showing UK speed camera locations:

  • - This website is updated regularly by a small community of "anti speed camera" members. The map they use is powered by Google maps, using their own "key" to demonstrate different types of cameras. It's fast and easy to use, with the option of a downloadable version if you need it.
  • - This website has a large database of speed camera locations, updated regularly by the site members. The website not only shows you the location of the speed camera, but it also tells you what model of speed camera it is and whether it is currently active. They also offer great reviews on speed camera detectors which you can purchase for your car.
  • - A great resource for general speed camera information for many countries including the United Kingdom and Europe. Users are able to add new speed camera locations to their already vast database.
  • - This website covers a small number of counties within the United Kingdom, giving detailed information of well known speed camera locations. Great resource if you are planning to travel to a particular area known for "tricky" speed cameras.